After the first collection being a huge success Monfrère Amsterdam is back dropping another collection of premium streetwear hats and accessories.
If you are interested in all the accessories Monfrère Amsterdam offers this is a very special deal. The Combinaison includes the Porte, Amure and Feuille. Since all the items match so well this will give you the stylish street look you need!

The Monfrère Porte is a unique streetwear keycord which helps you to keep your keys all together.
Not many brands have a designer keycord as detailed as the Porte. The keycord could also be used as a cord to decorate your bag or other items.
The porte is made out of cotton, steel and leather.

Compatible with the IPhone 7, IPhone 8, IPhone X and IPhone XS the Monfrère Armure is a super stylish way to protect your baby from small impacts.
The case is made out of the same ostrich leather-look fabric as the Monfrère Feuille and matches perfect.

The Monfrère Feuille is a slim cardholder for when you don’t need much apart from your ID, business and membership cards, plus it has a central slip that’s handy for keeping folded notes.
The ostrich leather-look cardholder will only get softer and more patinated with wear.
Matches perfect with the Monfrère Armure.

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